staying out of trouble

13 08 2009

When I tell people I’m in New Bedford on holiday, they usually look at me sideways before asking why i didn’t go somewhere a little more exotic

What they don’t realise is that immersing myself deep within the strangeness of small-town New England, is exotic for this Australian boy.

I work twice a week, tops, for tips.  I go to the beach and read magazines, I walk down the street for taquitos at No Prob, I wander round town shooting pics of beat-up buildings and fishing boats. It’s a holiday. More or less.

What it also does is provide me time to do some writing, a neglected pasttime in recent years and one which I truly enjoy, if I find the time to attack it properly. But I’ve had time and I’ve done some writing.


Before you set foot out your door and head anywhere (yep, even your hometown) bang the destination into Matador’s search box and see what folks there have to say about it.

Matador is an incredible community of cluey, worldly, open-minded travellers who also like to write.  Every week I find amazing, gripping, well-crafted stories on there, covering everything from The World’s Best Nude Beaches to What To  Do When Your ESL Student Has A Crush On You.

And I can count myself among their tribe. See a piece on WA highlights here and another on sailing the world here.

scenes like this make me physically homesick. 3 Bears.

scenes like this make me physically homesick. 3 Bears.

While i was writing the WA article I came across an hilarious story explaining Australia to foreigners on BBC’s site. “Do not under any circumstances suggest that the beer is imperfect, unless you are comparing it to another kind of  Australian beer.” Check it.

Thanks also to talented Danish photog Flemming Bo Jensen for letting me use his outrageously good pics of NW Aus.

Flemming Bo goodness. The essence of the Kimberley.

Flemming Bo goodness. The essence of the Kimberley.

Lost At E Minor

Raiders of the lost art.

The LAEM crew are either incredible at managing their time, unemployed, or have desk jobs that require them to do nothing. This is the only explanation  for the wealth of new talent and previously-unseen beauty that they uncover.

Dedicated to unearthing ‘new art’ Lost At E Minor brightens up the glummest day by showcasing the fresh, the new, the inspired and the downright weird, from across the globe.

They’re simply awesome and now I write for them too.

PS – this update was made possible by being stuck overnight in Houston on my way to Mexico. On my birthday.

Fuck Continental Airlines and fuck you too,  Houston.  Texas…good grief.