long way round

1 03 2010

Looking at a map of the world, the obvious route from West Australia to the west coast of Africa is…umm…via Africa.

Which is why I decided to travel there via Kuala Lumpur, then London, then Munich [backtracking here..] before going onto the Cape Verdes.

But it only took five whole days and about 35 hours in the air and a 36hr layover in London.

I did however learn that Air Asia is to be avoided on longhaul flights and that Munich airport is not a bad spot to spend the night.

In fact, Munich is rated sixth in the world for such matters by the helpful folk at www.sleepinginairports.com [I’m not making this up, check it out].

It even [almost] made it worthwhile when I arrived in Munich to see the country covered in snow. Proper snow too, not grubby London slush.

My German seat-companion asked if I’d seen much snow, being from Australia.

I managed to casually nod “Of course”, while barely avoiding squealing like an excited schoolgirl.

Because as some folks may or may not know, this Australian has NEVER really seen snow.

So as soon as I’d grabbed my luggage, I was straight out into the courtyard to have a little play, before hunkering down for the night. Sweeet!

It was made all the more surreal by flying from snowy Europe to the glistening tropical waters of Sal just six hours later, where I washed off the snow and sweat with a swim in the sun.