yacht-headshot Ben is a tall Australian boy who enjoys beer and sunshine, preferably at the same time. After a brief period as a child soldier fighting for the Karen National Liberation Army in Myanmar, he settled for a job as a journalist, before deciding offices too closely resembled prison cells.

Ben returned north, to Asia, where he discovered his now-favoured form of international transportation – sailing yachts; specifically, other peoples’ sailing yachts.

Last year he crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times from the UK to the Cape Verde islands to Antigua, then back to the Med, then back to Antigua again in time for a rum-fuelled Christmas.

Summer 2011 finds Ben back in the motherland, in the bosom of Perth-town, where he is gonna get things done. Lots of things…

2 responses

12 06 2009
Ben Macca

The funniest diatribe Ive read. Youve obviously got too much to say for the simple folk on Twitter.
Wish I could be soaking up the med sun with ya bro. Speil on..

18 07 2017

Hello Ben! It’s always such a joy to read your writing. Wishing you magnificent adventures always. Sherilea.

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