Aunty Meredith

10 12 2012

“I’m glad we had the times together just to laugh and sing a song / seems like we just got started and then before you know it / the times we had together were gone.”  – Dr Seuss.

Whimsical Seussical

Whimsical Seussical

Finally made it to the 22nd edition of the iconic Meredith Music Festival. It was  hot, it was cold, it was dusty, it was windy, it was goddamn weird at times, but always a LOT of fun. Set on a beautiful farm just outside Melbourne and home to a natural amphitheatre in which to enjoy the bands, Meredith brought together 10,000 folk last weekend for three days of madness and goodtimes.

A few highlights below:

BYOBooze. Now without wanting to sound like an alcoholic, being able to bring along your own drinks AND take them right down to the stage is what makes Meredith unique. Even UK festivals don’t let you take booze out of the campsite. So it sure was nice to not be paying $10 per beer all weekend.


Dusty ol’ basecamp. Note the keg-esky. Schweet!

Dress-Ups. The theme for our motley gang this year was Dr Seuss – initially a controversial choice, but ultimately hilarious. We even made a new song entitled ‘The Drinks You Will Drink’. Other groups also had some awesome themed costumes and there were plenty of others dressed up for no good reason. At 1.50am on Saturday night, around 30 people dressed in ‘Onesies ‘ came together for a group hug. No photographic evidence of this strange phenomenon exists, sadly.


He speaks to the trees…


Met a few bumblebees along the way…

Music. Oh yeh. Some bands played. Heh. Some bands… F**king PRIMAL SCREAM played and they owned it. Bobby Gillespie somehow did not look a day over 25 and they stuck to classic rawk ‘n’roll material rather than veering into ‘wall-of-noise’ material which would have been less fun.

Other musical highlights included the iconic Sunnyboys on Day One, Saskwatch for the third time this year (!!), Big Jay McNeely howling on the trumpet, Rahzel talking about Rahzel and doing a bit of beatboxing, and the heavy heavy sounds of Turbonegro.

Never-heard-of-em-but-they-were-awesome highlights came courtesy of The Toot Toot Toots with some rockabilly and The BitterSweet Kicks who wound up the whole deal.


Primal Scream. Legends. Pic by Leah Robertson

Regurgitator. Sucking, apparently.

Regurgitator. Sucking, apparently.

Random Shit. Now it wouldn’t be a festival without a few odd moments. These included seeing a man in undies and bowtie dragging an empty bin around and inviting people to his pool party, a guy crowdsurfing across the entire front-of-stage in an inflatable boat, a cookie monster puppet moshing seemingly on his own and many others. Sunset ridge was also a pleasant (romantic?) diversion away from the crowds.

Gettin' comfy with our DIY Bloody Marys in the Supernatural Amphitheatre

Gettin’ comfy with our DIY Bloody Marys in the Supernatural Amphitheatre

The Meredith Gift. This ought to be filed under ‘Random Shit’, but really deserves its own heading. The Gift – a naked footrace to wind up the festival. Featuring people who have been drinking, dancing, and gettin’ real weird for three days. If they held it on Friday, it’s likely no one would enter. wait a couple days however and they have to cap the entrants at 50 people. They’re enthusiastic if not particularly nimble. And it makes quite a spectacle…

Don't errrm...fall over, chaps.

Don’t errrm…fall over, chaps.

Pretty! Pic by Leah Roberston.

Pretty! Pic by Leah Robertson



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10 12 2012
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