pinhole panos

17 04 2011

A few shots from a recent pinhole panorama project.

'sculpture by the sea' - Cottesloe


city view from king's park

cottesloe beach

'all art is rubbish'. discuss.




8 responses

18 04 2011

isnt it “rubbish is art”?

30 05 2011
Finca Mallorca

Really like the sculpture by the sea shot.

31 05 2011

Glad you’re enjoying the shots. I have a couple more being developed this week. Wish I was there in the Mallorquian sun!

15 06 2011

Love the city view from Kings Park. Mallorca is a great place to get some amazing shots, however I did see some fab sand sculptures in Benidorm.

6 07 2011
photos of Denmark

I do like the pictures of the bins, I have been interested in photography for years and have taken photo’s of all sorts of weird and wonderful things. One of the best shots I got was of a cat with its head in a plant pot, apart from being highly amusing at the time, it made a great shot for the collection.

20 07 2011
Berlin Art

It depends entirely on the person as to what ‘art’ is considered as rubbish. What one person thinks is not so good, the next will depict as being pure genius. It has been a long running debate over the latter few years, this idea of modern art, where people take a pile of junk and create, what they consider, as being a master piece. All art should be considered before being judged, and it is important that we look at art from a creative point of view rather than a long term, money making, master piece point of view.

4 08 2011

The great thing about art is that it really doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks, the great saying is that beauty is the in the eye of the beholder, plus, not only that, we must remember that art work which was probably once considered not so great at the time of painting, has sold for millions of pounds some years later.

8 08 2011

My son brings works of art home from school all of the time, and have have to say that sometimes these are nothing but boxes with a little bit of scribble on them, but I am so proud of the fact that he has made such an effort with them. Any art, even rubbish art can be classed as being good.

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