Meet Sharan

17 03 2011

So I ventured into Perth to look at some art by Matt Doust yesterday. I do enjoy being able to do these things on a Wednesday afternoon – one of the upsides to hardly working at the moment.

On the way out, we stopped the gallery store – one of those shops which has all sorts of beautifully-designed colourful arty shit that you never knew you needed.

Not surprisingly I discovered something my unemployed self could not do without: a cardboard 35mm panorama pinhole camera in kit-form. And just $35. Done.

As an aside, I also discovered this same gallery (Venn) was run by an old school friend of mine. Nice work, Jade.

Anyway, i finally had my much sought Pano camera. I’d wanted the Lomo one for ages but they’re 500 euros. Took it home. Opened the box. And then freaked out at the complex instructions and sheer volume of parts.

Getting there...note pocketknife.

Apparently it was supposed to take 1-2 hours to assemble. I didn’t time myself, but I reckon I went close. Things might have also gone smoother if every 5th part wasn’t labelled wrongly – possibly something was lost in translation from the Japanese.

Done! The shutter slides down the front.

But I finished her. Meet the Sharan 35 Wide. Boxy, matte black, definitely not waterproof. She’s a beaut.

Results to follow…

Cardboard pinhole awesomeness